Lasso Rig Non Choke Collar


Lasso Rig Non Choke Collar


The Rig non-choke features a 3-strand soft cotton rope (or recycled rope) spliced over a solid brass ring. For this style we use two rope color combinations looped and spliced at each end. 

For sizes 15"-20" the splices meet and are secured with 2 turk's head knots. For sizes 21"-24" we secure the splices with whipping knots on each end. It is a type of choke collar suitable for obedience training as it tightens around the neck of the dog if it goes further than the owner allows it to, but stays gentle to the dog's skin.


- 1/2" for M-XL dogs collar sizes from 15"-24" in. 3-strand soft cotton rope (8 colors available) or recycled rope (3 colors available)

- 3/8" for Small dogs collar sizes from 11"-20" in. Recycled rope only (3 colors available) and white cotton rope.

- 1/4" for Petit dogs collar sizes from 7"-15" in. Recycled rope only (3 colors available) and white cotton rope.

- 1 1/4" solid brass O ring

- Organic hemp 

*Lasso is not responsible for any mishaps or injuries caused as a result of improper use.

**Length and color may vary slightly due to the hand crafted nature of our products.

***As it is not an adjustable collar, fitting on each dog may vary according to size and breed.

****Lasso recommends giving your dog a breather from their collars when at home to prevent possible damages to the rope.

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