Jumbo Antler Dog Chew


Jumbo Antler Dog Chew


Solid Antler Dog Chews are some of the longest lasting dog treats available on the market, even more durable than our Bully Sticks! 

These antler dog chews are sourced from wild elk and deer in Canada. Each antler sheds naturally, so no animals are harmed in the creation of these dog treats. Once harvested, every antler is thoroughly cleaned before being cut to the appropriate length.

Each elk or deer antler dog chew is packed full of mineral-rich marrow which is terrific for your dog. Like the rest of our dog treats and dog chews, this durable dog treat is 100% natural with no additives or preservatives so you can be confident that your pet is getting the safest and best product available.


  • Naturally-shed deer antlers & elk antlers
  • Collected, washed, & then cut to specified size
  • Extremely long-lasting & odorless dog treats
  • Mineral-rich marrow with no preservatives
  • Helps remove tartar & plaque buildup
  • 1 Antler in a pack (Jumbo size 8.5") 
  • Made in Canada


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