Meet Toast

"99.99999% of puppies in pet shops are supplied by puppy mills. The owners of these businesses over-breed the mothers and fathers then discard them with no regard for health or happiness. A total downer, but true.This includes the instagram-famous and NYC puppy-fashionista: Toast. Toast's life has been a true Cinderella story, including the part where those fabulous glass slippers fit her--those were Jimmy Choos right? She was born into a puppy mill in North Carolina. Conditions there were pretty horrible so when Toast was adopted all of her teeth were rotting and causing her a lot of pain. She had her teeth removed which gave her a signature tongue-out look. 
Toast was rescued by her famous Dad and stage Mom and now is living her happily ever after in NYC along with her sister Muppet, another rescued King Charles Cavelier. The only thing keeping these puppy mills in business are the people buying from them. Animal cruelty is the worst and there are an overwhelming amount of animals that are waiting to be adopted and given a new happy life which every pup deserves. So, before rushing to a pet store take a look at your local shelter for you new furry BFF--because who knows, they could turn into the next instagram-famous celebrity pet!"

- Toast & Katie Follow Toast on IG @toastmeetsworld

Housetraining Your Dog Quickly and Effectively ™

Housetraining is a pretty straightforward process. I have yet to meet a healthy dog or puppy that couldn't be housetrained 100%. 

 Here are the key points to getting you and your dog trained.

· Puppies  must be supervised  at all times- no sneaking off to have an accident

·  Keep a small  leash and collar on puppy at all times when not crated or gated to keep them close by

· Controlled water  with all meals and several other times a day when you can take puppy out for a relief, if going for a exercise walk offer puppy water on walk and make sure they pee before coming back inside 

· Daily outdoor exercise is important to a housetrained and happy dog

· If paper training use only one wee wee pad and make sure to take pup to pad often however  puppy still needs to go outside for exercise and socialization

· If the goal for housetraining is outside only paper training is an unnecessary step

· NEVER correct a dog after the fact this will only confuse the dog, it’s mean and ineffective.

· Some puppies and dogs are easier to train but all can be trained be consistent and patient

·Take away the water 2-3 hours before bedtime, then a short pee poop walk before bed

· Feed puppy last meal 3  hours before  bedtime, then a short pee poop walk before bed

· 2-2.5 hours is the longest for a puppies to be alone this can expand to 4.5 hours at the most

·Puppies need to pee/poop when they wake up, after meals, after play and any other excitement

·Daily play dates and/or play groups are a must for proper puppy socialization

·Feed premium food -read the label

·Dog crated or baby gate when dog alone or can’t be watched

 -Stacy Alldredge