Meet Fletcher!


"Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Hicks and I am an owner of a 7 month old goldendoodle, who I completely adore! I am so excited to share a little bit about Fletcher as well as a few of our favorite pet products! We’re very excited to be on Pooch Beacon, and hope you’re excited to be reading this. So let’s get started. Fletcher is a seven month old goldendoodle from a one time breeder out of Waco, Texas. I got him as a gift when I graduated college in May. Obviously the best gift you could ever receive; or maybe that’s just my opinion. But who wouldn’t want a cute, furry, adorable little pup? So since day one of Fletcher coming home, we have been inseparable. My boyfriend jokes that he’s attached to my hip and thinks I love Fletcher more than him. Obviously that’s not true, but it’s been an ongoing and funny joke! When we were asked to write a little something for Beacon Pooch I really wanted to share something that would help others, something that other viewers would be able to relate to. I work all day, as do most people. But before I got Fletcher it wasn’t really a big deal, I had nothing to worry about at home and I could just leave. Now that’s not the case. If you’re anything like me and hate leaving your pooch at home all day, keep reading. I tried everything; from leaving the tv on, waking up extra early and spending lots of time with him, and even going home in the middle of the day to take him out. But, I still felt bad. So, I began to do some research. Everything I kept seeing said DOGGY DAYCARE, it was like it was meant to be. Since Fletcher is my first pet, and pretty much like my child, I was very picky. We began to go and visit different doggy daycares and look around. After many long weeks of looking, and driving all over town I finally found one that I was comfortable with. It was clean, the staff was friendly, and Fletcher loved it. That was my main concern, I didn’t want to leave him somewhere where he wasn’t excited to go. So in reality, Fletcher chose his daycare. I love doggy daycare because not only does it give your pooch something to do during the day, it socializes your pup. Which in my opinion is always a plus! Doggy daycares have a ton to offer.  I highly recommend doggy daycare for any of you working dog parents. It’s hard finding that balance between work and caring for your puppy, but doggy daycare really changes that. There are so many different types, it just all depends on what you are looking for. I encourage you to look around and find one that’s right for you and your furry friend! Thanks so much for taking the time to read a little bit about Fletcher and I." 

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