Wally The Welsh Corgi

"Hi, I'm Wally. I'm a Pembroke Welsh Corgi residing in Wharton, New Jersey. I'll be 6 years old on August 27th. I'm a happy go lucky dog and really down to earth. Pun intended. I was named after my humans' favorite Disney movie, WALL-E. Other than napping, my favorite past time is playing with my toys. The humans often call me "Wallymonster" because I tear into the squeaky toys within seconds and decimate them completely. The humans taught me several commands/tricks including sit, stay, down, wait, high five, wave, paw, roll over, bow down, sit nice, play dead, speak, and whisper. Did somebody say treat? When the humans say "go to bed", I rush to go into my crate because I know I'll be getting a tasty treat. I also know how to balance things/treats on my head or on my nose or even hold them in my mouth. The humans always wonder where I learned to be so patient. I think I'm just a quick study.  I'm really just a simple guy. But I do fancy a nice bandana or spiffy bow tie once in awhile. It's not for me...it's for the ladies. I'm a goofball at heart, but I've been called a "ham for the cam" before and that's probably because I'm almost always smiling for the camera, well as long as treats are involved." 

You can follow my adventures on Facebook.com/wallythewelshcorgi or on Instagram @wallythewelshcorgi. Derp!