June The Kitty

"Cats have minds of their own. They often think they are the royals at home. And even though they are not like dogs, your cat can learn some manners.  
June is not a cat that begs for food. Cat food or human food, it’s not on her mind. But there is one thing June does like and that’s sitting next to my plate on the dinner table. Just to have a better look at what we are doing. But yes, that is not very pleasant when you eat. So the more she came on the table, the more we kicked her off or pushed her to the other side of the table. It takes time, but now when she comes up the dinner table and towards my plate we just have to wave our hand and she goes off. Or she comes up the table and lies down on the other side and gets sleepy. So the moral of this story, no matter how stubborn cats are just keep trying and it will pay off."

To keep up with June follow her on IG @junethekitty