Housetraining Your Dog Quickly and Effectively ™

Housetraining is a pretty straightforward process. I have yet to meet a healthy dog or puppy that couldn't be housetrained 100%. 

 Here are the key points to getting you and your dog trained.

· Puppies  must be supervised  at all times- no sneaking off to have an accident

·  Keep a small  leash and collar on puppy at all times when not crated or gated to keep them close by

· Controlled water  with all meals and several other times a day when you can take puppy out for a relief, if going for a exercise walk offer puppy water on walk and make sure they pee before coming back inside 

· Daily outdoor exercise is important to a housetrained and happy dog

· If paper training use only one wee wee pad and make sure to take pup to pad often however  puppy still needs to go outside for exercise and socialization

· If the goal for housetraining is outside only paper training is an unnecessary step

· NEVER correct a dog after the fact this will only confuse the dog, it’s mean and ineffective.

· Some puppies and dogs are easier to train but all can be trained be consistent and patient

·Take away the water 2-3 hours before bedtime, then a short pee poop walk before bed

· Feed puppy last meal 3  hours before  bedtime, then a short pee poop walk before bed

· 2-2.5 hours is the longest for a puppies to be alone this can expand to 4.5 hours at the most

·Puppies need to pee/poop when they wake up, after meals, after play and any other excitement

·Daily play dates and/or play groups are a must for proper puppy socialization

·Feed premium food -read the label

·Dog crated or baby gate when dog alone or can’t be watched

 -Stacy Alldredge