Feeding the Way Nature Intended

"The increase in interest of dog nutrition has allowed the industry to grow tremendously in the past years.  People no longer head to the grocery store and to decide between a couple of brands of kibble.  Instead, they head to a specialty pet store where they have hundreds of kibble brands to choose from. But why stop there?  If we want the best nutrition for our dogs, why not feed them the very best?  A prey-model raw diet is feeding a dog as nature intended.  Dogs are carnivores, so they should be fed as such.  Nutritionally speaking, a prey model raw diet compared to kibble has more protein, more fat, and substantially less carbohydrates.  What does it consist of, you may ask?  While some raw feeders give whole carcasses to their dogs, you may not have access or be inclined to do so. Pray model raw involves feeding meaty bones, organ meat, ligaments, sinew and fat. Benefits to feeding a raw diet include:

  • Natural teeth cleaning and improved oral health
  • Improved digestion
  • Firmer, smaller, less odorous stools
  • Healthier skin and coat
  • Less allergy symptoms
  • Daily mental stimulation
  • Better weight management and a leaner body mass
  • A healthier, happier dog

While there is no argument against the convenience of feeding a kibble, there are brand raw companies such as reelraw.com, Nature’s Variety, and Stella & Chewy’s that produce and package, and freeze a prey model raw diet that can be found in most specialty pet stores and in some cases, will ship right to your door.  There is also the risk of bacterial contamination due to the handling of raw meats, but with proper handling, hygiene, and clean-up afterwards there is minimal risk to the humans of the home.Tazz’ story of being switched to raw feeding is a typical one.  He was eating a high quality, expensive kibble, but it just wasn’t enough.  We had to trick him into eating, as there were days where his kibble would sit untouched, and he had a flat, dull coat with dandruff and frequently suffered from hot spots.  Within two weeks of switching to raw, I started to see the difference in his coat.  Within a month the dandruff was gone, he had no new hotspots, and the ones he had were improving.  Within 3 months all of his hotspots were gone, his “dog breath” was completely gone, and his teeth hadn’t looked that healthy since he was a puppy.  Now that he has been on raw for almost a year, I can confidently say that he has never been healthier.  He is lean, well-muscled, and is excited for every meal.  Www.rawfeddogs.org and www.rawlearning.com are both great resources to use if you are interested in learning more about a raw diet for your dog.  Remember to do your research before making any changes to your dog’s diet."

-Hannah @tazzydw2