Meet Meadow!

Meadow :) 

Meadow is my one year old black Labrador retriever. She's my everything! I'm here to share a few facts about Meadow and what makes her such a beautiful and healthy dog. Everyday for thirty minutes to an hour I take Meadow for daily walks and we play with her big box of millions of toys (her favorite are the ones that squeak)! She's my little model when it comes to photography, the best time I catch her with an awesome photo is when we are playing around in our backyard. Meadow has a regular diet just like any other big dog. People always ask me what makes her coat so shinny and I say Salmon Oil and healthy dry dog food. Every month we get a awesome PetBox with tons of goodies that are super healthy for Meadow that we use when it comes to training her. Meadow knows all of the basic tricks like sit, down, stay, come, and leave it. She also nows more complex tricks like shake, got to bed, high four, jump over, hold, and a bunch more! When I first got Meadow I could tell she would be the perfect one for our family! I could sit here for hours telling you a story about my amazing, one of a kind labrador but I just thought I'd tell you the big ideas of my big lab in a shorter tale. This my story of my stunning, healthy, hyper, and pawsome black labrador named Meadow!