Pet Rent & Pet Deposits

Pet rents and deposits are becoming the norm around the U.S, what are your thoughts on pet rents/deposits? Are management companies getting over on pet owners? 

"Man’s best friend is taking a bite out of renters’ wallets.Pet security deposits register in the hundreds of dollars and are getting steeper. Now, a monthly rental payment ranging from $10 to $50 is quickly becoming the norm, adding to the cost. Apartment managers nationwide say they require some safety net against pet damage, while others won’t allow animals at all.The rents and deposits pay for dog-poop picker-uppers, cleaning services and more, but some managers say they charge because they can. Many residents decry the move, arguing they are being bilked to keep their cats and canines.“One out of 50 people will say, ‘I can’t believe you charge pet rent,’ but most accept it,” said Stacy Leighty, who manages over 400 properties in Salem, Oregon, and added the monthly fee after her financial adviser said it would boost revenue and is becoming more widespread.With a third of the country’s population — 103 million people — living in apartments, according to the Arlington, Virginia-based National Apartment Association, loads of pet owners are facing extra costs. That’s something Fred Lopez of Hawaiian Gardens isn’t happy about.“They are exploiting the fact that more and more people have pets,” he said. “First they ask for a deposit, then rent. How much more are they going to try and squeeze out of us?”"
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Meet Meadow!

Meadow :) 

Meadow is my one year old black Labrador retriever. She's my everything! I'm here to share a few facts about Meadow and what makes her such a beautiful and healthy dog. Everyday for thirty minutes to an hour I take Meadow for daily walks and we play with her big box of millions of toys (her favorite are the ones that squeak)! She's my little model when it comes to photography, the best time I catch her with an awesome photo is when we are playing around in our backyard. Meadow has a regular diet just like any other big dog. People always ask me what makes her coat so shinny and I say Salmon Oil and healthy dry dog food. Every month we get a awesome PetBox with tons of goodies that are super healthy for Meadow that we use when it comes to training her. Meadow knows all of the basic tricks like sit, down, stay, come, and leave it. She also nows more complex tricks like shake, got to bed, high four, jump over, hold, and a bunch more! When I first got Meadow I could tell she would be the perfect one for our family! I could sit here for hours telling you a story about my amazing, one of a kind labrador but I just thought I'd tell you the big ideas of my big lab in a shorter tale. This my story of my stunning, healthy, hyper, and pawsome black labrador named Meadow!


Trick or Treat Paw Tips!

General Tips to set your dogs up for success/ Keep them safe on Halloween:

* Get your dog a ton of exercise the night before and early on the day of! A long walk, jog, playdate, or daycare is a great option!  A tired dog is a well behaved dog!

* If your dog has any aggressive tendencies, fear of loud noises or a habit of excessive barking, place him in a quiet room as far away from your front door as possible at least a half-hour before trick-or-treaters arrive with a favorite toy or bone.   You can also considering boarding your pup overnight.  He'll be safely away from the Halloween festivities, and you'll be able to relax and enjoy the holiday.

* As tempting as it may be, do not bring your dog out trick-or treating.  Even the most social and well behaved dogs can be spooked during this chaotic holiday.

* Avoid decorations that can be hazardous such as candles or flaming jack-o-lanterns.

* Do not use ribbons to tie around your dog’s neck for a cute-effect.  These are frequently ingested and can cause intestinal obstruction.

* Keep candy on a high shelf out of reach!  Chocolate is toxic to pets and many candies can be harmful and make pet’s sick.  Only throw candy and wrappers in garbage that has a firm lid!

* Since your door will be opening constantly throughout the night, make sure your dog is wearing his collar with ID tags! - If you haven't done so already, visit your veterinarian for a microchip prior to the festivities of Halloween.

If your pet does escape from the house or becomes lost, a microchip and proper ID tags will increase the chances that they will be returned home again.

* When trick or treating begins, give your dog a high value chew or interactive toy to keep busy! Every 45 minutes, rotate the item so they get excited all over again!  Bone/Chew suggestions:   - Flossy   - Bully Stick  - Merrick texas toothpick   - Antler  

Interactive toy suggestions:  -Kong   - Busy Buddy Twist and Treat   - Nina Ottoson puzzle games (

* When walking dogs during or after Halloween, watch carefully for what they might pick up. Bits of candy and wrappers will be abundant on the sidewalks and streets!

-Shelby Semel (

Feeding the Way Nature Intended

"The increase in interest of dog nutrition has allowed the industry to grow tremendously in the past years.  People no longer head to the grocery store and to decide between a couple of brands of kibble.  Instead, they head to a specialty pet store where they have hundreds of kibble brands to choose from. But why stop there?  If we want the best nutrition for our dogs, why not feed them the very best?  A prey-model raw diet is feeding a dog as nature intended.  Dogs are carnivores, so they should be fed as such.  Nutritionally speaking, a prey model raw diet compared to kibble has more protein, more fat, and substantially less carbohydrates.  What does it consist of, you may ask?  While some raw feeders give whole carcasses to their dogs, you may not have access or be inclined to do so. Pray model raw involves feeding meaty bones, organ meat, ligaments, sinew and fat. Benefits to feeding a raw diet include:

  • Natural teeth cleaning and improved oral health
  • Improved digestion
  • Firmer, smaller, less odorous stools
  • Healthier skin and coat
  • Less allergy symptoms
  • Daily mental stimulation
  • Better weight management and a leaner body mass
  • A healthier, happier dog

While there is no argument against the convenience of feeding a kibble, there are brand raw companies such as, Nature’s Variety, and Stella & Chewy’s that produce and package, and freeze a prey model raw diet that can be found in most specialty pet stores and in some cases, will ship right to your door.  There is also the risk of bacterial contamination due to the handling of raw meats, but with proper handling, hygiene, and clean-up afterwards there is minimal risk to the humans of the home.Tazz’ story of being switched to raw feeding is a typical one.  He was eating a high quality, expensive kibble, but it just wasn’t enough.  We had to trick him into eating, as there were days where his kibble would sit untouched, and he had a flat, dull coat with dandruff and frequently suffered from hot spots.  Within two weeks of switching to raw, I started to see the difference in his coat.  Within a month the dandruff was gone, he had no new hotspots, and the ones he had were improving.  Within 3 months all of his hotspots were gone, his “dog breath” was completely gone, and his teeth hadn’t looked that healthy since he was a puppy.  Now that he has been on raw for almost a year, I can confidently say that he has never been healthier.  He is lean, well-muscled, and is excited for every meal. and are both great resources to use if you are interested in learning more about a raw diet for your dog.  Remember to do your research before making any changes to your dog’s diet."

-Hannah @tazzydw2

Meet Fletcher!


"Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Hicks and I am an owner of a 7 month old goldendoodle, who I completely adore! I am so excited to share a little bit about Fletcher as well as a few of our favorite pet products! We’re very excited to be on Pooch Beacon, and hope you’re excited to be reading this. So let’s get started. Fletcher is a seven month old goldendoodle from a one time breeder out of Waco, Texas. I got him as a gift when I graduated college in May. Obviously the best gift you could ever receive; or maybe that’s just my opinion. But who wouldn’t want a cute, furry, adorable little pup? So since day one of Fletcher coming home, we have been inseparable. My boyfriend jokes that he’s attached to my hip and thinks I love Fletcher more than him. Obviously that’s not true, but it’s been an ongoing and funny joke! When we were asked to write a little something for Beacon Pooch I really wanted to share something that would help others, something that other viewers would be able to relate to. I work all day, as do most people. But before I got Fletcher it wasn’t really a big deal, I had nothing to worry about at home and I could just leave. Now that’s not the case. If you’re anything like me and hate leaving your pooch at home all day, keep reading. I tried everything; from leaving the tv on, waking up extra early and spending lots of time with him, and even going home in the middle of the day to take him out. But, I still felt bad. So, I began to do some research. Everything I kept seeing said DOGGY DAYCARE, it was like it was meant to be. Since Fletcher is my first pet, and pretty much like my child, I was very picky. We began to go and visit different doggy daycares and look around. After many long weeks of looking, and driving all over town I finally found one that I was comfortable with. It was clean, the staff was friendly, and Fletcher loved it. That was my main concern, I didn’t want to leave him somewhere where he wasn’t excited to go. So in reality, Fletcher chose his daycare. I love doggy daycare because not only does it give your pooch something to do during the day, it socializes your pup. Which in my opinion is always a plus! Doggy daycares have a ton to offer.  I highly recommend doggy daycare for any of you working dog parents. It’s hard finding that balance between work and caring for your puppy, but doggy daycare really changes that. There are so many different types, it just all depends on what you are looking for. I encourage you to look around and find one that’s right for you and your furry friend! Thanks so much for taking the time to read a little bit about Fletcher and I." 

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Daisy's Story

"Daisy was abandoned on the streets of Bellflower at the age of 2 months, and was found by an animal control office. 2 months passed and the shelter scheduled to euthanize her, but luckily, a volunteer from A Home 4Ever Rescue pulled her out just in time. Several months later, she found her forever home. Daisy’s front legs are paralyzed at the elbows and her wrists are twisted. She was born this way, and have learned to walk both with and without her wheel cart. We've turned her wheels orange and added glitter to reflect her positive attitude, as well as her sweet nature. Daisy has taught us that pets with special needs are not very different from others. Our mission is to spread the love and positive message of animals with special needs."

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June The Kitty

"Cats have minds of their own. They often think they are the royals at home. And even though they are not like dogs, your cat can learn some manners.  
June is not a cat that begs for food. Cat food or human food, it’s not on her mind. But there is one thing June does like and that’s sitting next to my plate on the dinner table. Just to have a better look at what we are doing. But yes, that is not very pleasant when you eat. So the more she came on the table, the more we kicked her off or pushed her to the other side of the table. It takes time, but now when she comes up the dinner table and towards my plate we just have to wave our hand and she goes off. Or she comes up the table and lies down on the other side and gets sleepy. So the moral of this story, no matter how stubborn cats are just keep trying and it will pay off."

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Wally The Welsh Corgi

"Hi, I'm Wally. I'm a Pembroke Welsh Corgi residing in Wharton, New Jersey. I'll be 6 years old on August 27th. I'm a happy go lucky dog and really down to earth. Pun intended. I was named after my humans' favorite Disney movie, WALL-E. Other than napping, my favorite past time is playing with my toys. The humans often call me "Wallymonster" because I tear into the squeaky toys within seconds and decimate them completely. The humans taught me several commands/tricks including sit, stay, down, wait, high five, wave, paw, roll over, bow down, sit nice, play dead, speak, and whisper. Did somebody say treat? When the humans say "go to bed", I rush to go into my crate because I know I'll be getting a tasty treat. I also know how to balance things/treats on my head or on my nose or even hold them in my mouth. The humans always wonder where I learned to be so patient. I think I'm just a quick study.  I'm really just a simple guy. But I do fancy a nice bandana or spiffy bow tie once in awhile. It's not for's for the ladies. I'm a goofball at heart, but I've been called a "ham for the cam" before and that's probably because I'm almost always smiling for the camera, well as long as treats are involved." 

You can follow my adventures on or on Instagram @wallythewelshcorgi. Derp!