Adoptable Pets

"Dallas (Tex):  Handsome Dallas, aka Tex, is a 5 year old boxer who hasn’t always been treated well.  He was rescued from a very abusive situation.  When Dallas first came to us, he was very hand-shy of strangers.  Over time, he has learned to trust and bonds deeply with our volunteers.  He is truly ready for a forever home.  He is housebroken and really smart - he knows sit, paw, and lay down.  He gets along with some dogs, and really deserves a loving home that will show him that people can be kind.  Please email if you are interested in adopting Dallas.

"Copper:  This 2 year old sweetie was recently rescued from a high-volume shelter.  He is a stunningly handsome, medium sized hound mix.  Copper is an easy going fellow, and a little on the plump side.  He is very affectionate and will make an excellent companion.  Please email if you are interested in adopting Copper! 

"Meet Georgie! This 4-year old hunk was surrendered to a shelter from a not-great home situation. Despite having a rough start in life, he is an absolute doll. Georgie, or "Curious George" as volunteers have called him, has a zest for life and loves to learn. He is calm, sweet, and a big mush-ball. He is around 60 lbs with a beautiful slight brindle coat and stunning green eyes. He seems to get along with other dogs and has not been cat-tested.  Please email if you are interested in adopting George! 

Paw Driven Product Picks

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"Let’s paint a pretty picture for a second. You’re on a beautiful beach during a sensational painted sunset. Your toes are buried deep in the sand and you’re enjoying an ice-cold beer. On your left is your dog, but he’s frowning, wishing he too could enjoy an ice-cold beer. As the waters crash upon the sand you ponder, “If only they made beer for dogs.” Look no further. While we haven’t made a beer for dogs, we have made a dog toy to help them relax at the end of their days. Introducing Paws Lite, a Beer PrideBite dog toy every dog will love. Paws Lite can be sipped inside and outside, and if your dog drops it in the pool don’t worry, this dog toy can float. Although it won’t give your dog the hiccups, it will give them the squeaks. If you want to tidy up the bottle, cleaning it is a breeze. Paws Lite is machine washable." 

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Key Features:

• Squeaks - squeakers sewn into pouches connected to the toy for safety
• Floats 
• Versatile - Indoor, outdoor 
• Interactive 
• Made of Durabite Fleece 
• 55 lb pull pressure 
• Soft foam stuffing 
• Vet approved 
• Safe 



Riley from ichaity

Come Clean Dirty Dog Shampoo Bars! 

 These bars were created with aromatherapy in mind. The essential oils in each bar have a specific benefit for dogs: Lemon Eucalyptus is a natural flea repellent, Bergamot Sage has natural calming properties and Coconut Lavender is moisturizing and relaxing. Come Clean Shampoo bars are hand poured in NYC. A typical bar will last between 8-10 washes (depending on the size and how dirty your dog is).  They are easy to use and you get to keep the cute collector toy inside!

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Sustainable Handcrafted Pet Products

"Lasso is dedicated to providing you with uniquely handcrafted rope accessories for you and your pets! Most importantly our products are 100% handmade with love and special attention to detail and functionality, and are a great alternative to regular leashes and collars. Rope benefits: very resistant and holds remarkably well with large breeds; the soft rope is gentle to the touch, feeling smooth on the hands; the recycled rope is extremely resistant, durable and made from recycled PET bottles while still remaining 100% ecological; the rope is lightweight and flexible." SHOP LASSO @ The Paw Driven Boutique


So many treats to choose from @ladybug_the_doxie is PAWSTRUCK! 

PAWSTRUCK: Quality your dog deserves. Prices you can afford

"We are a company of likeminded individuals with one goal—providing our fellow dog lovers a website with high quality, safe and reasonably priced dog products. Above all else, we strive to keep your dog happy and healthy. Pawstruck specializes in providing yummy treats to your furry friends. A few  top sellers are:

  • Bully Sticks
  • Antlers
  • Cow Hooves
  • Meaty Bones 
  • And much more! 

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